Cat photo app step 15

Hello, today I started on this project and I am stuck here on this step too.
What is the best way to learn this? Is it trial and error?

To me it seems I didn’t read enough information about the format for this step. But I know other people have done it so there’s enough information.

I’ve just tried several solutions but I haven’t been able to get it. I am unsure of how to format the anchor for the cat picture and also unsure of what some of the lines I put mean.

I guess I don’t get the concept at the moment. What do you suggest I do on this step, and also how to proceed? I’ve bought a book that I hope will help me. But is there anywhere I can go to become more familiar with what the elements and different parts of code mean, and how they are properly coded? Thank you for reading this!

hi there,

I’ve moved your question to its own topic so as not to hijack the other topic from its creator.

The fCC projects are not meant to be trial and error (though sometimes, programming itself is). The topics are introduced in order and the idea is to practice what you are learning as you go along.

However, this type of thing is not for everyone. Some people like to read (you said you have a book) and some people like to watch (here’s a video tutorial for eg)

So you can try one or all of these depending on your time and level of interest.

With respect to step 15, you may want to go back and review steps 10 and forward to try to see what makes an anchor tag work.

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