Cat photo app step 16

Hey I’ve been struggling on step 16 for like 3 days and I know the answer is in front of my face but I cant get it right can you help me out

So this is the problem

Step 16

Before adding any new content, you should make use of a section element to separate the cat photos content from the future content.

Take your h2, comment, p, and anchor (a) elements and nest them in a section element.

This is my code

         <h2>Cat Photos</h2>
         <!-- TODO: Add link to cat photos -->
         <p>See more <a target="_blank" href="">cat photos</a> in our gallery.</p>
        <a href=""><img src="">/ alt="A cute orange cat lying on its back."></a>


I’ve of course tried about 30 other combinations but this is my most generic answer, when I move the section closing tag to just be after the section element because it isn’t in my example, it just says there’s no closing tag if I move it to after the anchor element it says there isn’t even a closing tag when I move it to after the main same thing , I have tried to take the slash from the closing tag my code still isn’t right and I have made my dash face the other way also

Could you help me out Im really confused on what the hints want me to do and I’m running out of solutions thank you for your time I know this is a lot to read :}

ok so my code came out very different to what I copy and pasted my h1 and 2 , p , comment and anchor element all gone so I hope you can still help me even if you cant really see my code since I kinda described the problem I hope that helps :blush:
I don’t think it accepts code I’m very new to all this so yk ,I hope you guys can help though :blush:

I moved your question to its own topic because you were asking a question related to your own code for a challenge and were not answering the OP of the other thread. It is always best to create your own thread for you specific question(s). Also, it is advisable to use the Ask for Help button on the challenge, so it auto-populates with your current code and the challenge url.

Thank you.

how do i create my own thread?

Press the ask for help button. It looks like a question mark and appears if you fail the lesson a few times.

It will create a forum post with your formatted code, browser information and somewhere to explain your problem.

Right, I’d start with resetting your code, you’ve changed the img element code in a way that will fail the test.

As for the section element: the opening tag is in the right place above the h2 element, but is missing a closing bracket.

The section element also needs a closing tag, it should close after the anchor elements closing tag.

If your code still doesn’t pass, please share the changed code so I can check it.

Hope this helps!

(Also the amount of description you did is not too much to read! The fact you included extra information on what you’ve tried is helpful. :slight_smile: )

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