Cat Photo App Step 43

I am either overthinking this or not thinking in the right way at all. This is what I have inputted:

Is your cat an indoor cat or an outdoor cat?

Indoor Outdoor

This is the hint I received: Your new input element should be above the existing input with type attribute set to text . You have them in the wrong order.

I’m not getting this one - I’ve taken things out, rearranged, changed coding, created a prompt question and I’m still not getting it.

I’ve searched out solutions, follow them, and still don’t have it.

Thank you!


Hey, in order to see your actual HTML you need to wrap it in triple back ticks. To display your code in here you need to wrap it in triple back ticks. On a line by itself type three back ticks. Then on the first line below the three back ticks paste in your code. Then below your code on a new line type three more back ticks. The back tick on my keyboard is in the upper left just above the Tab key and below the Esc key.

Once you do this then we can hopefully give you a good answer.

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