Cat photo app step 44

I’m stuck at 44 with the cat app too,
this is my code
Indoor <input type="radio">


Sorry, your code does not pass. Keep trying.


Your new input element should be above the existing input with type attribute set to text. You have them in the wrong order.

the radio button appears before the submit button

here is more of my code for context

Indoor Submit

I don’t know what is meant by "wrong order " in the hint section

do I need to download any updates? my computer is old and I havent turned off my ad blockers

kindest regards,

please be kind I’m clueless and want to learn

hi, i moved your post to a topic of its own.
Normally when people need help they click on the Ask for Help button because it will automatically pull all their code to the forum and post a link to the challenge as well.

Can you try that now? (make sure you fill in the template provided with your specific question. the code and link to the challenge will be automatically included though)

Hello there, thank you for responding I’ve seen this mentioned before however I can’t seem to locate this “ask for help” option anywhere. fyi I’m using windows 8.1 , is this going to be a problem?

if you are unable to update your browser to the newest version, it may be a problem at some point. For now, you can click on the Ask for Help button if you have tried to solve a challenge and failed a few times. (you must try and check your answer 3 times before the button will show up)

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