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Reading the “teaching” on this is painful. If I were trying to help you out I would give a completely different example with similar code and explain each line for better understanding.
I am currently stuck on this as will. I completed the HTML and CSS section and I came back to refresh my brain a little and saw that they totally revamp their web site. The good thing is that I saved all of the codes from the previous version of the site and comparing the code that they allowed you to download vs the code they are telling you to use now, is different, way different.
In this particular problem, I looked back at my code and I see that I had a section stating to use the value attribute with radio and check boxes. It seems very similar to this question. The question is not really a question, it is as though someone copied and pasted a definition from a book or just went to W3schools reference page then copied and pasted the summary of what an attribute is and that’s it. These curriculums could use actual teachers because “figuring it out” without some examples does not actually trigger any learning progress, it actually confuses the learner even more because they have to go out of their way to do external research and use so much trial and error where they don’t even remember when they finally find the answer.

My previous codes in my documents show this

< label for=“loving” >
< input id=“loving” value=“loving” type=“checkbox” name=“personality”> Loving< /label >

The instructions of this iteration of this sight technically say to do this but instead to not add a value, or name and they don’t want you to have the word “Loving” to the right of the check box but yet they want you to have it there… That is really dumb in my opinion because if I were to teach the course I would say that there is another way to have the word “Loving” associated with the checkbox and then I would supply a completely different example similar to the one that I would want the person to solve.

Based off of every assistance/solution that I have looked up just for a little hint on what I have been doing incorrectly, it seems that there isn’t any real hint to solve this instead that the sight for this problem is broken. I have tried many different combinations on my end. I even checked to see if there was a case sensitivity issue and I have yet to pass this “question”. Also the explanations provided seem to be very condescending rather than encouraging and uplifting the more help topics that I review. That should be addressed.

These were my attempts at this sites new iteration.
< label for=“loving”>< input id=“loving” type=“checkbox” >< /label >
< label for=“loving”>< input id=“loving” type=“checkbox”> Loving
< input id=“loving” type=“checkbox”>< label for=“Loving”> loving
I even went line by line like I do in SQL by putting
< input id=“loving” type=“checkbox”> on top of
< label for=“Loving”> loving
and it did not go through for me. I am starting to think that the site needs revamping and better explanations to challenges so people actually understand the tasks at hand. I also am thinking that there is a case sensitivity issue because there have been multiple times on this new version of the site, where I would change case sensitivity and the challenge would be submitted without issue. A good amount of people are possibly running into an issue with this problem because of case sensitivity issues or spacing issue.

Please create a new post if you have a question about a step.

I’m sorry the curriculum isn’t working for you. We do actually have several professional teachers working on the curriculum.

I’m sorry, but I got lost in your question. Which version of this Step are you on? The code you posted doesn’t seem to match the current Step 55.

You’ll need to give us a specific example of a case sensitive issue you have experienced. There is no way we can just guess what it might be. But looking at the code you posted above:

< input id="loving" type="checkbox">
< label for="Loving"> loving

There is indeed a case issue here but it is a valid one. The for attribute on the label needs to point to the id on the input. Ids are case sensitive, so the value of the for attribute needs to be loving instead of Loving. This isn’t a bug in FCC. This is a requirement of HTML.

Also, I’m pretty sure the instructions ask you to make the text label “Loving” but you have it as “loving”, so again, this is an error on your end.

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