Cat photo app - stuck at lesson 12

Step 12:

Turn the words cat photos located inside p element into a link using the same value for the href attribute as the link below the p element. The p element should show the same text in the browser, but the words cat photos should now be a link. Make sure to remove the a element with the text cat photos on the line below the p element.

I’ve done this:

Click here to view more cat photos.

It seems to look as required (in the browser) but it doesn’t pass the check… it says:

" Sorry, your code does not pass. Hang in there.
The link’s text should be cat photos. You have either omitted the text or have a typo. "

Challenge: Step 12

Link to the challenge:

 <p>Click here to view more 
        <a href="http://catphotos">cat photos.</a>
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Hi. Have you tried removing the dot after “photos”?

It was an error in the link… never mind!
Thank you anyway for trying to help me, cheers!

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