Cat Tribute Page

Going back to my roots. Never invested time in CSS so I’m learning all I can now.

Any advice is greatly welcomed.

P.S. I focused more on responsiveness rather than design. I didn’t felt like I had to make it dynamic or anything. I still get tempted to go all out on it haha.



I’m a cat and I approve of this :+1:

But heads up with the <link> tag. You seem to have pasted an entire <link> tag as a value for its href:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="<link href="" rel="stylesheet">
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Its very nicely made, the content is great and the page is pretty responsive! There are just a couple of errors in your code. Besides the link tag in line 9, your p tag in line 69 isnt closed properly.
good luck :+1:

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Thanks! And yes, when using google fonts they give you that code snippet to paste. But I’ll keep that in mind for other projects.

Would love for you to point them out. I know that no code is perfect but when it comes to bad practices I’m all ears! Thanks for your feedback!