Catch all test doesn't execute like I thought it would?

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my code works fine, tests passed okay.
but tried adding a catchall, if the input didn’t match to respond with “unknown”.
I guess the flow doesn’t work the way I thought? I though if it didn’t get the break then it would just execute the catchall line?

just tinkering with the code to understand more

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function caseInSwitch(val) {
var answer = "";
// Only change code below this line
switch(val) {
  case 1:
    answer = "alpha";
  case 2:
    answer = "beta";
  case 3:
    answer = "gamma";
  case 4:
    answer = "delta";
  answer = "unknown"; // this catchall needs to be inside the switch

// Only change code above this line
return answer;

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Challenge: Selecting from Many Options with Switch Statements

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What you’ve written is not valid syntax. However, rather than tell you why, I would suggest you go to the next lesson, there is a distinct possibility that it may give you the answer you are looking for :wink:

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Thanks, just tinkering to learn more.


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