Catching up on getting my certs, no more procrastination!

So… I focused so much on learning the skills that when it got to actually doing the projects to get the certs I just brushed it off…
Yesterday I decided to take the time to get the certs I know I deserve.
Happy to say that I just finished the last project to the FRONT END cert and earlier today got the BACK END cert. Both pretty and hustled, to add to the web design one I got a minute ago. FEELING ACCOMPLISHED.
ps: if you are like me, just procrastinating to do the projects and get the certs you should have a while back, just convince yourself to take ONE day to focus on just that. Its yours, you deserve it, don’t allow yourself to not have!

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This is so me :smiley: . In my case, I joined freecodecamp way back 2017. If I just focus back then, I could have been on another level now but because of procrastination here I am now year 2022 and still in the first module doing html and css hahahahah. I know its a very loooong time but Im still hoping to be better this time with more focus and determination.