CatPhotoApp 14th step

Could someone show me the correct answer to step 14 of the Cat Photo App? I have embedded the link inside the element, img link here , but it keeps telling me that I have too many elements in the code. Please help!

Hi, welcome to the fourm. so it wants you to nest a image inside a anchor tag. im notgonna give you the answer but heres a hint…

<a href=""> <p> this is an awesome website</p></a>

notice how my <p> element is wrapped in my <a> element? how would it look for an image element instead of a <p>

also heres a gif showing you how to write code here on the fourm… also in the future please leave a link to challege so the person helping you can get to it faster!

I tried to but it kept telling me that as I am new to the forum, I can only have 2 links in my post. Sorry.

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ohh dont apologize lol just saying if you didnt know. well i hope i helped you. let me know if my hint worked!

I got it! Thank you very much, I spent 2 days on this step :smiley:

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dont be afriad to ask on here man. you can even message me and if im on ill help you. we dont give the answer though, rather we guide you to it

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