Catphotoapp first step

Hi, I’m new to coding and I have some issues with the first step. The instructions say to change h1 to CatPhotoApp and I did but the test says that it also needs an opening tag? I feel like I tried everything any help is appreciated.

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  <CatPhotoApp>Hello World</CatPhotoApp>
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Challenge: Step 1

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The <h1> tag is an element whereas, ‘CatPhotoApp’ is just plain text. It’s the title.

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@GauravSakhare this is a learning site, please don’t just give people the answer to cut and paste, especially for curriculum. We try to guide them to the answer.

@kevinSmith I understand. I’ll be careful hereafter. Thanks! :blush:

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CatPhotoApp is not a tag so you would use h1 tags and then put the text inside the h1 tags