CDN Link showing wrong errors

Hi all,

I am having an issue with the CDN link, I am getting two errors for the landing page project even if those two user stories are correct in my code and the page is behaving as expected.

Should I submit as is or do something.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Error #5 is because you have elements with the “nav-link” class that do not have href attached to them. Go through and find all instances of “nav-link” class. In my opinion the ones you have without href can just be deleted but it’s up to you.


Error layout#1 is because the header (or a direct child) isn’t set to stay at the top of the page. The easy fix is to add a CSS style for header and something to keep it at the top of the page.

One way to do this is here:

header {
position: fixed;
top: 0px;


Thanks Jesse! I don’t know if you checked the code in codepen, but I’ve already done these two fixed and still I am having these errors :frowning_face:

I referenced the codepen link in your initial post. I just checked again and don’t see where you included my above comments. I was able to get your code to pass after editing as above.

Can you post your current code?

yeah now it worked for the header, now the test is passed but the navbar collapsed to the left, see below :man_facepalming:

Time to problem solve =) The fix for that is pretty straight forward if you think about what you already know but I absolutely understand how the code can fry your brain.

Just update the width in the header style by adding something like:
width: 100vw;


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Yeah sometimes it eats my brain but I have to cope with it if I want to learn. Even if I find CSS much more difficult than JS. I guess I am not a design guy :frowning_face: