CDN test script is preventing page from scrolling

Hi All,

I’ve just finished coding the Product Landing Page project. My project passes all the tests but the page won’t scroll. From reading suggestions in this forum I have placed

<script src=""></script>

just before the closing body tag. The problem is the same in Firefox. If I disable the script in Chrome Developer Tools or comment the line out in the code, the page scrolls fine. I didn’t have a problem with the Tribute Page or the Survey Form.

So does the CDN test have to be included in the code for certificate submission and if so will the “not scrolling” be an issue as it seems to be the test script that is causing it. And just so you know, I specifically don’t want to use CodePen. Although I’ve used the MIT license for the code, I want to copyright the logo image separately which seems to not be within their usage terms. As the logo is an SVG image which is essentially code, I don’t want to risk a copyright conflict.

My project’s web page can be found here and the code here .

Thanks in advance.


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