Celestial Bodies Database - Build a Celestial Bodies Database - DO NOT ALLOW ME TO SUBMIT URL

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I have completed this project twice and saved the universe.sql in github public repository. However, freecodecamp web do not allow me to submit the URL link. After i clicked “I’ve completed this challenge”. It showed me “You must complete the project first”. How can you help me solve this problem? I need this one to be passed. Thank you very much.
P.S. below is my URL

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solution: universe/universe.sql at main · jiajinnuo/universe · GitHub

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Celestial Bodies Database - Build a Celestial Bodies Database

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I’ve gone through the steps several times that you provided. When I try to submit the URL through freecodecamp.org, it just won’t let me. and showed me you should complete project first(you can check the screenshot). Also I didn’t leave the VM during the project until it is finished.

have you tried reloading the page?