Celestial Bodies Database - Build a Celestial Bodies Database

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On the Celestial database project, the same thing is happening to me as other people, but the answers provided didn’t help me :(. I’m still getting “You must complete the project first error message”, even though I’ve reached 100%, reloaded, came back and put in an an updated URL, and get the same message. Any other suggestions would be welcome.

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solution: https://github.com/jeffglenntx/uni/blob/main/universe.sql

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Challenge: Celestial Bodies Database - Build a Celestial Bodies Database

After completing the first step in the project successfully, do not click on the Continue button.
Close the window with Congratulations.
Return to Terminal and add the command “pg-dump-cC --inserts -U freecodecamp universe > universe.sql” in Project (not in psql).
A file (universe.sql) will be generated under PROJECT.
In GitHub, create a new repository with the name of the project where you are busy.
In the repository, add a new file called “universe.sql” and copy the contents of the universe.sql file from PROJECT to the new file you created in GitHub.
Copy the link “https://github.com/_____/Celestial-Bodies-Database-freeCodeCamp” (be sure it’s the link of your repository, not another) in step 2 (submit your code).
Then access the " I’ve completed this challenge " button.
Everything will be fine if you follow these steps.

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Thank you! That did the trick, one little typo in your command but you are awesome.

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Thank you @icxc Have a great weekend