Celestial Bodies Database step 1 - Then what?

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I have completed the Celestial Bodies Database Project (step 1)
I know that because i got the little pop up window after I completed each individual step but the, it tells me that I should open a new workspace and restart CodeRoad.
So i did that and get the little pop up window and the loop starts over again…

I have saved my universe.sql file in my virtual machine, dont know what to do with it. Copied all code in that file and paste in a public github repo of mine and put the link in the submission input of step 2, but it said I haven’t completed step 1.

What should i do?

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Challenge: Build a Celestial Bodies Database

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There’s three troubleshooting steps you can try here @Gabriele-Frattini. The first one is to refresh the page. Let us know if any of them work.

You don’t need to open a new workspace after you finish. Once you see that popup, you are finished with the project.

Tried those…

If i paste something in the terminal I get the “Unable to read from the browser’s clipboard. Please make sure you have granted access for this website to read from the clipboard.” could that have anything to do with it?
Otherwise im stuck.

That shouldn’t be the problem @Gabriele-Frattini. You tried that last troubleshooting step to shut down and reopen the project? I would try it one more time. It feels to me like that’s the most likely cause.