Celestial Bodies INSERT INTO

Hi there, Im working on inserting my data into my already built tables and am having trouble inserting more than one row of data at a time. I have build my table moon like this:
CREATE TABLE moon (moon_id SERIAL PRIMARY KEY, name VARCHAR(30) NOT NULL UNIQUE, yr_discovered INT, diameter_in_km INT, planet_id INT)

I am trying to enter in this data:

INSERT INTO moon (name, yr_discovered, diameter_in_km, planet_id) 
	(‘Our_Moon’, NULL, 3476, 3),
	(‘Phobos’, 1877, 23, 4),
	(‘Delmos’, 1877, 13, 4),
	(‘Io’, 1610, 3660, 5),
	(‘Europa’, 1610, 3138,5),
	(‘Ganymede’, 1610, 5262, 5),
	(‘Callisto’, 1610, 4800, 5),
	(‘Amalthea’, 1892, 200, 5),
	(‘Himalia’, 1904, 170,5),
	(‘Thebe’, 1979, 90, 5),
	(‘Mimas’, 1789, 394, 6);

Inserting the data works if i do one row at a time but i get:

ERROR: column " ‘Delmos’ " does not exist
LINE 1: … yr_discovered, diameter_in_km, planet_id) VALUES ( ‘Delmos’, …
–with a little arrow under the single quote before Delmos–

This is assuming that i am starting to enter multiple rows of data after entering the first two rows individually.

What am i missing? I’ve researched on multiple places to be sure i am using proper syntax and all looks good so im confused. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks

I think you need to use double quotes here, or you have some other kind of syntax error

FWIW, ‘Delmos’ doesn’t exist. It’s spelled ‘Deimos’.