Celestial bodies project complete but unable to submit url

Fortunately, I was able to complete the celestial bodies database project but I am unable to submit my completion url because it says I must complete the project. What should I do?

try reloading the page, :blush:
since you have to open the page a new i hope it will work.

My guess is that: you simple go back to the FCC project page from the virtual environment where you were doing the project,and since the page is not reloaded it has the same status as the one before completing the project, reloading will update the project status as completed and you will get a tick in front of the title.

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So the reason it didn’t load is because the universe.sql server didn’t save my work. Is it okay to delete this file and save a new one?

if on the project page it says that the project is 100% completed, then you don`t have to delete any thing.

I re-opened the project in a new browser tab. then rebuilt the universe.sql because i made some changes to my project. Refreshed the page and pasted the URL. It worked.!