Center ul-li tags


I am working on my first challenge which is making a tribute page.

I am stuck on kinda weird problem. I could not center ul-li tag inside a div which has well bootstrap class.

Actually, i could do it by using standart css staff, but we only want to use the bootstrap classes on challenge.

here is the code

Müzeyyen Senar

Miraculous Voice

<img style="width:100%" class="img-responsive" src=""

From a Magazine

Here's a timeline of Müzeyyen Senar:

  • 1920- She was Born in Bursa. When she was born, Ottoman Empire was still alive.

you can also see what it looks like here:

any help would be great:)

Why? I don’t even see that Bootstrap is a requirement for the project - it’s really whatever works for you !

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add this class to the ul ‘col-lg-offset-3’, it will do what you want, but you are still going to want to clean up the base styles for the ul.

Hi timotheap,

When i look the example work, and watch challenge trailer, i see they only use bootstrap, there is no custom css codes, so actually, i aim to use only bootstrap to learn exactly how it works.

Thank you for your kind help, but this puts padding as far as i understand, it does not center.

I nested those h1 and ul tags with a div and give it col-lg-offset-3 class as you offered.

Thank you so much!

The only CSS allowed is body { margin-top: 60px; }. It’s what he says in the trailer for the Tribute Page challenge.