Centering problem

Hi everyone, i have been workin on my portfolio so long today. I can’t see anymore what am i missing . If you have time for it i would be so nice . Thanks a lot in advance .

Centering vertically and horizontally icons and FFC,Github links is my problem.

Here is my page .

Youtube has some totally awesome videos for freecodecamp to help you. I like Hasan Armstrong’s videos. They might help.


Why did you put all your css into a media query ?

Maybe you could explore with flexbox for your icon problem

Have a good sleep today :slight_smile: see things differently tomorrow

I will check his videos , thanks!

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Hi @Groucha,

I use flex boxes , but here did’t work . I tried flex box and other display types.

I am on it today again . :smiley:

Hihi so cool I tried something yesterday on your .icon and it was working
But I notice today the behavior of your icons is different when I add display:flex into .icon
Yesterday they stayed on a line and today, they are on column :smiley:

I’m not sure but maybe it is related to the nesting and name of classes because your icons are <img> into <a> into <section> into <div> in your css, you need to act on specific part - maybe have a look here for some theory about specificity and conflicting rules

When I’m too stuck into css mess, I reset it to blank and try again on something fresssshhhh sometimes it works, sometimes not, sometimes not YET !

Have a nice day, good time and crazy work :crazy_face:

It helped me a lot and yyes iet was because of too many classes and element in eachother . Yesterday i fixed it . Thanks again :smiley:

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Hi man, i really like your page!!!

Nice!!! :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:

Hellow !

I think they are on a same line but not really ‘centered’ yet :slight_smile:

Actually they are , when i delete the text of them …:smiley: They look ok for now i think

At the moment i am trying to finish javascript but i will center them in the end .:smiley:

Thank you so much . :fist_right: :fist_left:

Oh here they screw a little bit on the left !

Have fun with your moment :slight_smile: