Centering the 'show all' button

I cant figure out how to center my ‘show all’ button for life of me! I have tried seemingly everything. I would love if someone could help me understand what’s going on that I cant center it horizontally.

Thank you:)


Try to do this:

btn-show-all {
margin: auto;

If that’s not the result you want, please explain where you want to center it :slight_smile:

When I do this it moves the button over a bit but does not center it…

This seems to center the button on my project image, but I want the button totally centered.

Okay, you can’t do that because you’re making the button part of your grid, so the button will be limited to the 1fr / 1fr that you set to each box and that’s why margin: auto; position that way, because it’s positioning it on the center of the grid that you set

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The button is now centered but has jumped to the bottom of the website. Do you know why this would be?