Certificate missing my name, has ID instead

I just finished Responsive Web Dev and tried claiming my cert. It shows up, but with a GUID instead of my name. Read that it would pull my name from girhub, so I linked my account, but didnt help. Tried logging out and back in, still the same. Any way of fixing this?

you need to go to the settings, check that your name is written correctly in the field, and also that it is set to public

The name is correct in the “name” field. In the “nick” field, the GUID is, but I cant write my name there it seems. Also I have switched to public 3 where there is a comment regarding certificates.
Im allowed getting my certificate, so the public thing seems to work, but theres no name on it…

Ah sorry, now I got it, my name must be public as well :slight_smile: Thanks for your help!