Certificate settings problem

Hi there, I have not idea why my certification will be disabled. Could anyone explain it for me?

I think it says that if you make your timeline Private, people will not be able to see your certificates. And hence can’t verify them either even if you post a direct link to the certificate.

Just keep your timeline public and you’ll be fine I guess?

Actually, all of them are set to public.

So? Are the certificates accessible? If yes, then nothing to worry about.

If no, then can you paste a link to your profile here? (Or try visiting your own profile in incognito window and see if you can see you certificates)

It’s accessible. My question is why there’s that text - Your certification will be disabled - does it mean FCC will disable or delete my current certifications?

It’s written clearly that they will be disabled only. It doesn’t make sense to delete them.

And they get disabled only because no one can verify them even if you post the link to the certificates (because your timeline is private).

Actually, my timeline is not private. I don’t understand why you said my timeline is private. Could you please explain?

I mean IF you set your timeline to private only then it will happen.

I earlier said that your are totally fine if you can see your own profile and certificates in incognito window.
Nothing to worry about, you’re totally fine!

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