Certification and plagiarism

So i only have the Advanced Front End Development Projects left to complete before claiming my front end certification. I’ll finish them when i get few days off.

However i must admit i copied the optional advanced algorithms, just to get over with it and never bother again with them. Simply having them set to completed would ensure i wouldn’t waste time on them since i like finishing stuff. I have an obsession of doing things to the end once i start.

I can do them, it’s just pointless waste of time in my opinion since i don’t have to deal with those sort of things in real life when i code web pages or phone apps for others. And on the rare occassions i actually do, there are usually already finished widgets on wordpress for example that you can freely use.

Is there a way to reset those challanges or do i need to make a new account if i don’t want to bother writing the optional challanges? :confused:

I am talking about those without a green star btw.

The Advanced Algorithms are not part of the certification. Therefore, that isn’t something that will be audited when you move on to the non-profit projects.

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Wow thanks. That’s a time saver.

You can always go to the Map menu and do the challenges again. I too got the answers from somewhere else since I had the same reasoning as you. However, I know that those algorithms are of extreme importance if you want to get better at programming so I want to go back to them once I get my Frontend Certificate


There are computer programming contests and algorithm contests … i forgot what they were called back in school, olympics or something. Not sure. But it’s rather mind boggling and tiresome than actually helpful in my opinion.

If you like the idea so much, then i suggest searching for algorithm contests. Seems like you will actually enjoy it.

Watch these videos. Quincy talks about how to learn to code and he says they don’t really care HOW you complete the challenges. I mean, you may do tutorials on Youtube, you may pair programming with someone more experienced, etc, you always learn from others. It’s impossible to be a complete newbie and not get the answers from some other source.

I think it’s okay as long as you make an effort to understand what you’re doing and you are very honest with yourself regarding your learning process and journey. Eg: don’t just copy/paste the code, go line by line and try to understand what the other person did. So I think that if you get the answers from other source, that’s fine as long as you then go back later on and try to do it on your own. Because sometimes, for example, a tutorial works for the person who did it but once you implement it, the code doesn’t work so you have to figure things out on your own and make it work for your own good!.

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Thanks for your honesty. As @DanStockham pointed out these are optional challenges, and won’t be audited. If we didn’t think they were important, we wouldn’t have included them in our curriculum. They are quite challenging though, and we didn’t want to keep people from being able to advance by requiring them.

We may add a feature where you can delete submitted challenges in the future.

If you have time to practice more scripting and algorithms, they will only help you. Algorithms are often the basis of developer interviews, even for front end development positions.