Certification issues

While working on the Responsive Web Design certification, currently on learn topography by building a nutrition label. Then it came to my attention that it is possible to go to the next challenge, look at the solution, copy, go back to the previous one and paste. I suggest having a feature that prevents people from going to the next challenge only when they complete the currebt one will be better.

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The question really is are you trying to get the correct answer or are you trying to learn how to code. The “feature” that stops you looking at the answer is your own desire to learn how to do the challenge on your own.

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I’m not an fCC admin, so I can’t be 100% sure about this. However, it seems like fCC is designed with personal discipline in mind.

You’re absolutely right that it’s possible to cheat like you’ve described, just peek at the next challenge and see what was done for you. That’s possible with Responsive Web Design, but not really with some of the other courses. What is possible, even with most of the other courses, is to intentionally get it wrong a bunch of times, hit the “Hint” button, and just see the solution that fCC provides. The only times you can’t do that are for the certification-required projects, which if you use that intentionally-get-it-wrong strategy and hit the “Hint” button, it’ll take you to a forum post that says you’re meant to figure out the certification projects yourself. Even if that specific strat isn’t possible, I’m sure a cheater can figure something else out.

On the other hand, fCC admins insist that even on this forum, we shouldn’t give out exact answers. If someone is having trouble with step 1 of the Cat Photo App, we shouldn’t tell them to copy and paste <h1>CatPhotoApp</h1> from us and put it in their code. We should help them think through what’s confusing them. They ultimately need to figure it out for themselves what they’re supposed to do.

The point seems to be that while if someone gets really stuck on something they can usually find the answer here, they should almost always come up with the answer on their own – from their own understanding of the relevant docs, from their own thought processes and testing, from their own discussions with the kind people on this forum, etc. fCC isn’t here to help cheaters, after all. It’s here to help those who want to build their own skills.

TL;DR the status quo is the way it is for a lot of good reasons IMHO… I think, anyway.

And yes, we software developers are saving the world, one line at a time. :sunglasses:

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Honestly I use the answers if:
im just taking a general picture of what is about, I always can get back and do it again for learn and to it cotidian for me.
Im having a silly syntax mistake and Im already loosing too many times, I even could copy and paste depend the case;
The exercise is too much typing lol so I do the structure I check out the right answer, if the logic was right, I just feel… depend how I feel and my time availability
anyway, certificationes means nothing, the interview and network is what really counts and is not possible to cheat with that :slight_smile: