Certification name

Hi, and thanks for reading. My web design certification shows my screen name, not my real name (which is featured in the settings section). What may be the problem? Thanks.

If your name is set to private in your user settings, then only your username will be displayed on your certificate.

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Ah thanks I thought it might be that.

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@JeremyLT If I set my name to public, who are the people that may see it? The whole forum? Thanks for the understanding.

Someone please define the scope of “public”. The whole forum? The whole internet? Thanks in advance.

Public means publically viewable to anyone.

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Just to clarify:

The forum and freecodecamp.org/learn are completely separate platforms. Changing settings on your /learn account does not change anything on your forum account, and vice-a-versa.


@JeremyLT and @Sky020 thank you for clarifying that. It’s very clear now. Sorry for my asking the obvious, as it seems.

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