Certification Projects - can I link/embed them?

I’m currently building a new portfolio page and I was wondering if there is a way to - instead of linking the certification page - directly embed these projects within my page, e.g. using an iframe. I can’t find the url from the popup windows that open when I click on a project inside my certification page.

Is it just not possible or rather unwanted? Would be nice to have these projects inside my portfolio page. I appreciate any help that could clarify this question.

Hello there,

This is not possible at the moment. We do hope to implement this feature, but, currently, the preview window is not a hosted page of your project. Rather, it is your code directly inserted into an iframe.

Hope this clarifies

Yes, thank you! I was afraid so since i couldn’t extract any URL, but then again it’s alright as the projects can be found inside the certification page anyway.

Thank you and thanks to all your colleagues and all the other contributors to this site as without this I would never be where I am now :heart:

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