Chai functional tests - glitch not working right

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The tests fail but they shouldn;t since I have the right code.

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        test('Test GET /hello with no name',  function(done){ // Don't forget the callback...
         chai.request(server)             // 'server' is the Express App
          .get('/hello')                  // http_method(url). NO NAME in the query !
          .end(function(err, res){        // res is the response object
            // Test the status and the text response (see the example above). 
            // Please follow the order -status, -text. We rely on that in our tests.
            // It should respond 'Hello Guest'
            assert.equal(res.status, 200);
            assert.equal(res.text, 'hello Guest');
            done();   // Always call the 'done()' callback when finished.

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Challenge: Run Functional Tests on API Endpoints using Chai-HTTP

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Hello there,

The test api use this endpoint: /_api/get-tests?type=functional&n=0

Your app is returning:


Which means there was an error. I suggest you look in the Glitch logs for any useful output.