Challenge 166/167

While going through the lessons today I encountered a page I could not navigate past. I completed the “Manipulate Arrays with Unshift” challenge (166 on my list) and when I tried to proceed to the next I was taken to a donation page with options to set up a monthly donation or buy “at-cost” merchandise. I don’t currently have the funds to do this unfortunately, but every time I tried to exit the page and continue on I was taken to the previous challenge that I had already completed and not given the option to go on. Is this by chance a bug or am I required to donate or purchase an item to be able to continue learning? I tried searching the forums for answers but I wasn’t able to find anything that helped.

Hey. I just tried going past that challenge again and indeed is showing the Merch page; clicking the FCC logo (upper left corner) should make you advance to the next challenge, if I remember correctly, but it’s a broken link as of now.

Most likely a bug, you are not forced to buy anything (I wasn’t, going through that part of the course). For now, you can proceed to the challenge past that one at this link.

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Oh awesome, thank you so much!

thxs 4 the helps even though im noot up to dis yet