Challenge Design problems :(

I’ve been learning alot by cannibalizing other pens, but i still
get lost a bunch. For the Random Quote one, i have the code part
done, but when the quote is huge, it overflows the div / box thingy?
also, it’s weird when the screen changes size…

anyhoo, any help / advice is welcome !

The Pen that needs help…

If you want the the div with class=“bkg” to contain all the text, then remove the following line from .bkg.

height: 30vw;

Well for a start. Don’t panic! Most quotes should only be short and sweet. The fact that it wants you to have a tweet button means that they ought to be 160 chars long including the person who said it!
I think I would move the placement of the “Get quote” button to under the quote box.
For example:

Both suggestions were great, i just need to learn how to align things better now
( my FCC kryptonite )

it’s a lil closer now,. ty :slight_smile:
Revamp 4

If you use the Analyze CSS feature in Codepen, you will find you have a lot of duplicate property definitions and other syntax errors.

It must be a PRO feature… i don’t have that option :frowning:
I’ll check it later… gettin burnt out heh

Each section (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript) has this feature. Your HTML section has several syntax issues also.

oo i never clicked that downarrow before, ty :slight_smile:

checking now…