Challenge doesn't work

Hello. I’ve done a lot more tutorials already but decided to ask a question about it because I won’t be able to get certification in the future.
I completed the challenge and tested it completely with the solution, but the system does not recognize the completed job.
In this task I need to set the image size to 100 pixels, I did it but it doesn’t work. Section Basik CSS lesson number 10 “Size Your Images”
Thank you!

Hello and welcome to the freeCodeCamp community~!

Are you, by chance, using Safari? This particular challenge has a known bug with Safari. There is a fix in the works but it has not shipped to production yet.


Hello there,

Just to clarify: To claim the certificate for any section, only the 5 associated projects need to be completed. Not any of the lessons.


I changed my browser and now everything works. Thank you so much!