Challenge hints and answers

Hello, it’s been about 48 hours since I registered and since then it seems that the entire UI has changed (looks like you’re working on updating the platform), which is great but now it seems that hints and answers to the challenges are missing or maybe I am just missing them somehow. I am currently working through the basic JavaScript section of the curriculum. Is it just me or are the hints and challenge answers now gone? I saw some older posts from February addressing this but they seem kind of old now that it is May so I am just wondering.


It doesn’t seem to be included on the update yet, I doubt they will take it away because it was very useful. They might just need a bit of time to link them all. They were not linked on the beta so they couldn’t migrate them as they did with the rest of the curriculum. It should appear on the ask for help menu, lets hope they don’t take long to include it.

Hints are back woo hoo :slight_smile: