Challenge or Topic

Not sure which is which, but if I want to retake a section like “Basic Javascript”, is there a way to reset that whole section so I can retake and easily keep track of my progress?

I think the first time I blew through too quickly and want to try to retake. Thanks!

I don’t know if its possible to delete just a section of the whole map, but if you only want to keep track, you can update your exercises (just resend a new solution) and take track from your profile, under the section “Last Update”.
If you only send solutions once, “last update” is blank, otherwise it shows the date of the last update.

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If your concern is that your previous work is prepopulating in the challenges, then that is easy to resolve. That information is stored in your browser’s cache.

Thanks @ArielLeslie. I am not concerned about previous work. I am just trying to identify the best way to keep track of progress if I restart a section.

Thanks @Aloap! I think this is the best option.

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