Challenge problems

I’m new to FCC. I joined because of all the amazing feedback, reviews and member projects I’ve seen around the net. However, this is turning out to be an unpleasant experience. Maybe it’s because I’m using my phone (Samsung Galaxy s6, Chrome browser) and not a computer. I already have a strong basic knowledge of html, css and javascript so these first challenges should be a breeze. However, I do exactly what it says to do and it keeps telling me I’m missing something. Mainly inside my css style tag. Just changing what needs to be changed doesn’t work.

For example, importing the Lobster font. I copied the link and added the font family to my h2 element. Then it automatically made the p element using monospace wrong and I didn’t even touch it! I deleted the space between the colon and the word monospace and it worked.

Very annoying. Am I doing something wrong? Anyone else with this issue?

Maybe, can you share your code and a link to the challenge?