Challenge Progress/Code Doesn't Show

I noticed that when I click my finished challenges my progress would not show. It would show the default code when you start the challenge. Is this normal? Or are there any solutions to this problem? I’m new in the forum so I hope I would be able to find help here.

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following… I could swear I’ve seen it behave both ways… some times my previous code is there and sometimes it’s not, but haven’t paid much attention.

I’d also like to understand this.

There are two different types of saved progress for Free Code Camp: your profile and your browser cache.

Your completed challenges are all saved to your account in the FCC database. You can see the list of completed challenges and also the last submitted solutions by looking at your profile page.

Your in-editor code is saved in your browser’s local storage. Recent in-progress code from the challenge editor is also saved in your local browser cache. Because FCC rolled out a completely new application, the old cached values are no longer valid. This is the same effect you would have if you cleared your browser cache. If you are completing lessons on the new site, and do not see your recent code, then something is preventing FCC from writing to your browser’s storage. This could be a browser setting, a privacy extension, or a browser version incompatibility. Especially as you get to more complicated challenges that may take multiple sessions, I strongly recommend saving your in-progress work outside of the browser cache. This is a good opportunity to learn the ins and outs of your GitHub account, but you can also just save locally or use a service like which allows for versioning.

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How can I use github to save my progress? Google Chrome version is Version 68.0.3440.17 (Official Build) beta (64-bit)

Git and GitHub in plain English

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