Challenged Myself!

I’m slowly getting a hang of building the front-end of the project from scratch. This time i focused on a lot of positioning, i broke 90% of things, but fixed most of them. A few broken things still linger, so i want feedback on the website as a whole and the broken parts.First time using SCSS, made an absolute mess.

Nice job! Couple remarks:

  1. Background image more than 1Mb is not good and you have 3 of them with total weight of 15Mb, you should really work on reducing that size. I was able to reduce your wwd-1.jpg from 7.6Mb to 87Kb and it’s still HD (1920x1080), which is large :slight_smile:
  2. Consider fixed / sticky topbar - nice skill to have :wink:


Thank you, and now that you mention it, the images size is too big, i’ll compress them. As for the sticky bar, alright, the next project i do, i’ll add in a sticky top bar.

Sure! From UX perspective with navigation like yours, when I click on the navigation link it’s not clear whether I go to another route or just scroll down to a section and therefore first thing that naturally comes to my mind is “WTF, where did navigation just go?”

Alternatively you can introduce scrollTo and it will also fix this issue

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