Challenges Buggy?

Hey all,
I’m still pretty new to Codecamp (just started the jQuery section) but I keep experiencing the same problem.
It’s this: I type the code in correctly, run the test, and it says I’ve missed something, so I erase my code and enter it in again (the exact same without changing anything) and then I pass the challenge.

Has anyone else experienced this? Why would it be doing this?


What looks to us the ‘exact same solution’ typically is not , a subtle change here and there is enough to throw the machine off.
Anyway, without seeing the actual problem, your first and second solutions , it’s hard to give you a concrete answer.

In some of the early challenges, there is a known issue where sometimes the tests don’t re-run correctly unless you reset the challenge (using the reset button). So yes, that does happen. But as @Dereje1 said, very often when you decide to clear out and retype your solution you actually fix a sneaky syntax error that you couldn’t see. In my case it’s usually a spelling error. :slight_smile: