Chances of me being a software engineer?

I’m a 23 yr old US citizen and want to become a software engineer. I have one issue though. Two years ago I got arrested for a misdemeanor, but I wasn’t convicted of it and it later was expunged. What are my chances of being a software engineer?

A quick search on the forum yields these two existing threads with people asking a similar question.

I don’t see how is this similar for the fact that I wasn’t convicted and I was able to get my arrest expunged, although I am somewhat thankful it’s still mediocre.

It is very difficult to give you any assurances about how past law trouble will or will not affect your chances. It is difficult enough to give people without your circumstances, who may even have software degrees any assurances about their chances of getting a job.

There are so many factors that go into whether or not you will be hired.

Have you had any trouble finding any job in the past 2 years? If not, then it may not be something to worry about.

If your arrest was expunged it’s no longer on your record and you do not have to disclose it in a job application. You do not have to discuss it at all – it’s like it never happened as far as potential employers are concerned.

My dad is a lawyer so I am vaguely familiar with some law-type knowledge.

However, i am not a real practicing lawyer so you might check with one if you are really concerned.

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check with a lawyer about what? I basically did a background check and nothing showed up?

This is not really a question for a coding forum. If you don’t understand you might want to get legal help.

So what are you worried about?