Change my name on this forum to LightningCoding

I have recently changed my github account name.

All websites that were linked to my Github (freeCodeCamp as well) immediately used my new name, but this forum still uses my old name.

Can you please set my name on this forum to my latest Github name?

P.S. If you have to set it manually, the name is LightningCoding

You should be able to go to and change your forum username.

I can only change my full name, not my forum name.

Just confirming you want it set to: LightningCoding

(I.e, someone hasn’t already done it and I’m about to revert it? :slight_smile: )

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Keep in mind, prior quotes of your posts and @NealVanMeerbeekmentions will be broken.

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I confirm that I want to set my forum name to LightningCoding

This doesn’t matter for me, because I have only been active since last month and I haven’t done much yet. This is the main reason why I want to change it now, before I will be more active.

Thank you very much for changing my name!