Change of career on my third year in campus!

Hello :wave: wonderful people,
I am in a serious situation,
I am in my third year in campus taking BSC.Microbiology but I feel i made a wrong choice to enroll on this course and the reason is because the cutoff points to do CS were high,so i had just to enroll in this
As of now i clearly know i want software engineering career,
But i am afraid i can’t really leave my degree when i am just remaining with one year.
But still i want to focus on Software Engineer.

Thanks Campers!

The first piece of advice I’m going to give you is to talk to your campus career councilors. They can help you choose your remaining classes and tailor your resume to try to achieve your goals.

The next thing is to do as much programming as you can for the remainder of your time at school. Take as many CS classes as you reasonably can, and gain familiarity and experience with writing code however you can.

Trying to find a job in software development, I would suggest applying to larger companies and places where your science background might be relevant. A science background is often considered to be fairly transferable to technology careers, but larger companies are more prepared to invest the time in making sure you understand software well enough.


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