Change of Career Path

Im new to coding but absolutely love it. I have a degree in Political Science but would like to get a second degree in Computer Science. However, my A levels (just a selection from the social sciences and humanities) dont match up to get me admission into a science degree. Any ideas on where to go from here? Im open to anything really.

I can’t speak to your specific situation. In the US, we don’t have A levels. We have SATs, which you can take more than once and are typically not needed when you apply as a transfer student (which second degree earners are). Here I would tell you to go to the university’s admissions office to find out what your options are. If the path to a traditional degree isn’t a good option for you, programs like Free Code Camp, with lots of independent study and work, really can prepare you for a career change without a Computer Science degree. I highly recommend looking at @P1xt’s guides here on the forum.

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Thank you. I do think that will be the better (and only) option for me.