Change password in freeCodeCamp

Hi there! How can I change password to my account?

1.- Click on your photo or the default photo on the upper right side of your browser. (Red Arrow)

2.- Now click the little Gear icon directly underneath the picture (Blue Arrow).

3.- You will now be in the Account section of your profile, if you are not click on Account from the left side of the screen.

4.- Look for Password / Send Password Reset Email button. Click this and follow the directions.

Hope this helps :smile:

If your talking about the forums password, read the post above, if you are talking about the main site, I think if you used SSO (for example signed in thru Github) you don’t have a password, though I could be wrong, let’s see what the other campers have to say.

Yeah, I’m thinking of a main site. That’s probably loging via github. Thanks!

I can’t find an option to change my password either although I registered with an E-Mail address (not with Github).

I remember doing the same - signup with email address and not Github. I don’t see an option to change password either. Any clues?

i also used email to sign up and need to use the OTP every time i log in