Change the Font Size of an Element Help. Please

Hello Community, hope you find this well.

I am having some problems where the test ask me to change the size of the font, in the last step. I have done it but tells me Browser and Tet zoom should be at 100%. I can see in my navigator that Zoom is in 100% so I don’t know the problem. The thing is that I can not advance until I get all check.

Thanks in advance.

.red-text {
color: red;
.p {
font-size: 16px;

The . (dot) in CSS is for selecting classes.

So by writing that you are instructing your CSS to look for a class name “p”.

What you want however is to target the HTML Element p, in CSS the way you select a node is by simply typing the node name; for example:

/* wil target all the <a> elements*/
a {
 sone: property;

/* will target all the <h1> elements */
h1 {
 some: other property

Hope it helps :+1:


You are completly right, after just removing the period before p, I could make it to the next step.