Change timestamp in Github

Hi FCC community
I am not sure if this was asked before and I do apologize in advance if it did but I just wanted to ask if there was any way that we can change the date on our timestamp.
See, what I want to do is basically put all of my work with the time when the work was actually done vs. just putting it on GitHub with the current date.
Can someone, please, help me out?

Which timestamp do you mean?

For example, I did something in March 2018 and I just wrote it in GitHub, how can I change timestamp so it shows the actual date (March 2018) ?

Do you mean the absolute date of the commit rather than the relative timestamp (“2 years ago” for example)? Or do you mean, in your example, that if you did something in March 2018 then committed it now, show March 2018? Latter can’t work, because Git records commit times (you can’t edit this, that’s basically the point, and the commit hash is partly built from that timestamp)

Basically, what I want to do is kind of what Wordpress has or Facebook where I can put the date that I want it show under so like in my example if I did something in March 2018, I want GitHub to show that I did something in March 2018 vs. April 7th, 2020.

The timestamp is integral to the commit. You could put annotations in the commit message, but other than that when you commit is the date and time it’s using.