// Change values below to test your code

What should happen when I change the values? Nothing happens automagically and there is not a ‘do it’ button other than the ‘Run Tests’ button. When the ‘Run Tests’ button is pressed there is only a pass / fail indication. Is there some hotkey?

I’m confused by your question. Running the tests executes your code. You can run tests with [ctrl] +[enter], if that’s what you’re looking for.

I don’t want to run the tests I just want to run the code I’ve written against the single test at the bottom and see error messages or output from any console.log()s I may have inserted as an aid to debugging.

I know this is over a year old now but I too wondered the same thing and just learned how to check the test inside the console before clicking “Run the Tests”. This is just one way I found that worked for me, hope this helps anyone else wondering the same thing.

function testElseIf(val) {
  if (val > 10) {
    return "Greater than 10";
  else if (val < 5) {
    return "Smaller than 5";
  else {
    return "Between 5 and 10";

// Change this value to test
var test =testElseIf(3);

—Will return “Smaller than 5” inside the console box at the bottom.