Changed Email lost all progress

Hi, i recently changed my email on my FCC profile, after the switch i lost all of my progress and have no idea where i was.

Multiple accounts get created when the email address associated with the FCC account does not match the email address associated with linked accounts. If you linked your FCC account with GitHub or any other social media, change the password on those accounts to your new email address.

What if it was a google sign in, and i switched to say protonmail, so i cant exactly see where changing a password is altering what it will do

Not your password. Your email address.

For example:

  • You had an account with and you had linked your GitHub account which also uses the email address
  • You went to your FCC account settings and changed your email address to You left your GitHub account linked and your GitHub email address is still
  • FCC allows you to sign in using multiple methods as long as those methods all use the same email address, so your account information is still associated with because of your linked GitHub account. (I don’t know the mechanics of this, so there’s some hand-waving involved here.)
  • When you log in with, it takes you to a brand new account. Your previous account still exists and is associated with the email address

Ok that makes sense, i suppose i will make it easy on myself and everyone and just continue with the Gmail account, thank you for your help!

You can definitely change your email address. The process is something like this (I may be adding more steps than are strictly necessary).

  • Delete the new account with no data.
  • Log into your account using your linked account or the old email address.
  • Go to your settings page.
  • Remove the linked accounts.
  • Change your email address in FCC.
    (You should now be able to log into your account with the new email address and see the same account)
  • Change the email address associated with any accounts that you want to link to FCC.
  • Go to your settings page and link the accounts that share the new email address.