Changes in D3.js?

Hi, FCC. I’ve just started the Data Visualization projects here, and it’s a really rocky start. I was trying to use the d3.json(url, function(){}) method that the example project used, and I couldn’t even get it to log the project data to the console. I noticed the example project used a CDN for an older version of D3, 4.2.2, while I was using version 5.12.0. Using the updated CDN in the example project breaks it completely. Changing to the older version, I was able to get the data and work with it just fine. Has the d3.json method been deprecated or changed? Or is there just something wrong with the CDN?
The example project can be found here:
Thanks for your time!

d3.json(url).then(data => { })

Brilliant! Thank you!