Changing a value due to .env value

trying to change a value by .env value
using this code

app.get('/json', (req, res) => {
    let m = "Hello json"
    if (process.env.MESSAGE_STYLE === 'uppercase')
        m = m.toUpperCase();
        "message": m

trying to change the message due to process.env.MESSAGE_STYLE value
but it is not working


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Challenge: Use the .env File

Link to the challenge:

what’s your whole code? what’s inside your .env file?

what I see going to the /json endpoint is Cannot read property 'VAR_NAME' of undefined

MESSAGE_STYLE=uppercase is inside my .env

there is VAR_NAME written somewhere?

I am not sure if env values should be changed. They are meant for keeping stuff secret.

Edit: sorry I did not know that this was part of a challenge!

var express = require('express');
const { nextTick } = require('process');
var app = express();

const dotenv = require('dotenv');

app.use("/public", express.static(__dirname + "/public"));

app.get('/public', (req, res) => {
    res.sendFile(__dirname + '/views/index.html')

app.get('/json', (req, res) => {
    let m = "Hello json"
    if (process.env.MESSAGE_STYLE === 'uppercase')
        m = m.toUpperCase();
        "message": m

module.exports = app;

this is the whole code and the.env is just that line

have you dpeloyed it? I don’t see VAR_NAME anywhere

why do i need VAR_NAME ?
the task says :
Create a .env file in the root of your project directory, and store the variable MESSAGE_STYLE=uppercase in it.
so i did it
and i tested it

Hello there,

Your app does not appear to be running. That is, when I go to your link with /json, the page never loads.

This could indicate there is something wrong which should be available in the Heroku logs.

Hope this helps

i just noticed that when i run server and go to heroku link /json it didnt do anything (no caps)
but when i go to localhost:3000/json it changed to uppercase !!
checked to log and nothing appeared to be wrong

Have you added the environment variable MESSAGE_STYLE to the Heroku SECRETS section? Heroku does not read off of .env files.