Changing careers to IT

I am new to FCC. I have been around computers a long time - took some programming classes years ago. I never really got into it as a career. - I am in the middle of changing careers. I am now relearning C language, and also studying Python, web design, Linux.
I would love to connect with others in same situation or who could help me advance my career. TY


Hey, I’m in the same train, you can message me if you like.

Just learning javascript by now.

Hey, Im also in the same journey beginner of CS field and learning dsa and web deveopment. Look happy to connect with you guys.

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Thanks for the reply .
Do you have anything besides javascript at this point?

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What stage of web development are you at? beginning stage> HTML & CSS?

html css sass gulp git/github react and some bash

Same here. Connecting people with similar interests is the best motivation for me.

@scbol85 I’m in a similar boat… ish.

I have some CS classes under my belt and have a base knowledge of computers and how they work. I have been exposed to how programs are complied/interpreted into machine language, stored in registers, and operated on, and things of that nature. Also computer components and how they network with each other. My main focus was programming though, algorithm and understanding data structures.

I, however, do not come a computer background other than taking classes. My background has been in food, beauty and the fashion industry. So there are some gaps in my knowledge and have just started to take getting into the tech field seriously. It’s been a while but I have coded in Python, C, and C++, as well as basic navigation skills in Linux.

Currently I am taking a basic intro to web development coding bootcamp and have come to realized the course study is to slow and I will be able learn all of the material on my at an accelerated rate, plus for free. The plan is to get through FFC and build a portfolio along the way (since I have no work to display my talents or skills) and get my foot in the world of technology through web development as a starting point. What area of tech are you trying to get into?

I started FCC at the end of last year but haven’t been active on it until recently. My currently at the part of Debugging in the JavaScript Algorithm and Data Structure , and have been able to get through the material pretty quickly since I have programming experience.

It would be great to find people who are wanting to hold each other accountable, to push each other and to check up on each other’s progress at the material gets more dense. That or find a mentor who could help guide someone to get into the industry. If that is something you, or anyone reading this, are interested in please reach out to me on here or at . Thanks in advance.