Changing certification projects?

hi, so I have passed the first two HTML-CSS projects (survey form and tribute page). However, they don’t look perfect to me (I passed all of the tests, but I could have put some more work into style and formatting).

is it recommended to make these 100% presentable as if a future employer/colleague might see them, or should I just leave them finished at their minimum? They are fine for me to pass the courses, but I wouldn’t want a ‘real life’ collaborator to think that’s my best work.


Are you planning on sharing the certificate link with anyone? If yes, they will be able to see what you did to get it. So you can decide based on this.

Ok thanks. This is the answer I was looking for. I think I would rather make them look more thorough. I basically ran the tests and checked the code until it passed, but would strongly prefer to have better-looking work for a presentable certificate. Appreciate it!

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Hi @HalleysComment !

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The majority of your projects will just be for learning and that is totally fine.
As long as you did the best you could then I would suggest moving onto the next projects.

When it comes to employers, they won’t look at certificates and the projects you will present will have more complexity to them anyway.

Hope that helps!

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Ok that sounds good and is basically what I figured, the first few projects are much more simple than the actual work I’d do someday for a company anyways?


Once you start to get into JavaScript, and working with different frameworks and servers, that will be more of the stuff you will be seeing on the job.

Just keep going through the course, and that will give you a good starting foundation you will need for the job.

Once you have completed a few certificates, start building projects outside of courses that you would like to show to potential employers.

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thanks so much! truly appreciate it.

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